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Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate (2000MG)


Magic Mushroom Chocolate Unicorns

Total 2000MG of dried mushrooms

Each Unicorn is 1000MG

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Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate (2000MG)


Prepare to embark on a whimsical and psychedelic adventure with Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate. These enchanting treats combine the allure of unicorns with the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms. Each chocolate unicorn contains a total of 1000MG of dried mushrooms, offering a potent and delightful experience. Join us as we delve into the magical world of Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate and explore the enchantment it holds.

I. The Captivating Magic of Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate

A. Whimsical and enchanting: The allure of unicorns infused with the power of magic mushrooms

B. Total 2000MG of dried mushrooms: Unlocking a potent and transformative journey

II. Unleashing the Delightful Experience

A. Psychedelic wonder: Embracing the mind-altering effects of magic mushrooms

B. Whimsical indulgence: Savoring the enchantment of chocolate-infused unicorns

C. Controlled and precise dosing: Each unicorn contains 1000MG for a measured experience

III. Navigating the Mystical Realm A. Embracing the journey:

Surrendering to the psychedelic experience with intention and mindfulness

B. Creating a supportive environment: Crafting a space that enhances the enchantment of the experience


Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate offers an enchanting and potent journey into the realm of magic mushrooms. With each chocolate unicorn containing 1000MG of dried mushrooms, this delightful treat promises a mind-altering adventure like no other. Embrace the whimsy and enchantment of these magical creatures as you surrender to the transformative effects of the mushrooms. Let the magic unfold and transport you to a realm of infinite possibilities. Indulge in the allure of Magic Mushroom Unicorn Chocolate and experience a truly enchanting psychedelic encounter.

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  1. Elleen

    The packaging is eco-friendly. Worth buying…

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