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Milk Chocolate Magic Mushroom Bar (3000MG)


Milk Chocolate Magic Mushroom Bar

Total 3000MG of dried mushrooms

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Experience the sublime union of pleasure and transcendence with our Milk Chocolate Bar, meticulously infused with 3000mg of prime dried magic mushrooms. This luxurious bar marries the velvety richness of premium milk chocolate with the earthy notes of high-grade psilocybin, promising an unforgettable sensory experience. Each velvety bite is your ticket to a profound, mind-expanding journey, known for inducing vivid visualizations, enhanced creativity, and deep introspection. Savor the exquisite simplicity of milk chocolate while stepping into a realm of heightened consciousness and spiritual awareness. Please consume responsibly, considering the high psilocybin content.

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1 review for Milk Chocolate Magic Mushroom Bar (3000MG)

  1. Kierven

    Creating a harmonious fusion of flavors. Yummy!

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