Psychedelic Visuals

One of the effects of psychedelic hallucinogen is the strong visual experiences that come with it. While this experience is common across the board, there are slight differences that are peculiar to each culture and background. While some may move across entirely new worlds during their visual psychedelic experience, others see color enhancement.

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Experts are also researching if the visual experience enjoyed during a psychedelic trip is a result of hyperconsciousness or simply a hallucination. Better up, the question that the scientists are trying to answer is whether psychedelic trippers experience a fictional distortion of reality or more of a hyper-reality.

What science teaches is that an increase in neural activity is the reason for the psychedelic visions. Thus, when the consciousness of a human is increased, it causes the visual cortex to observe the world in a whole new way. The observer determines what reality is. This means that only our minds can interpret what the eyes behold.

How Did Psychedelic Experiences Start

Records show that the earliest use of psychedelics is from 7000 years ago. Many pieces of evidence show that magic mushrooms and DMT are popular at the time, though in form of Ayahuasca. This evidence includes cave art depicting psilocybe mairei in the Algerian Sahara to the fractal art patterns of Mayans and Aztecs. There are also reports from East India that people see God-like images that are very similar to the visual experiences of psychedelic hallucinations.

Hence, it is clear that the visual experiences enjoyed by people in different cultures depend on the culture’s understanding of life and their rituals.

Types of Psychedelic Visuals

There are two ways of categorizing psychedelic visual experiences. They include open eye visuals and closed eye visuals

Open Eye Visuals

Open eye visuals refer to how people see the world with their eyes open during a psychedelic experience. The open-eye visuals can be induced by several psychedelics, and each of these psychedelics has its peculiar visual effects. While there may be slight divergence with these visual experiences, some of the open eye visual effects that are common include;

  • Diffractions
  • Shifting colors
  • Halo-effects
  • Distortion of depth
  • Visual acuity
  • Recognizable patterns in living things
  • High Definition

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Closed Eye Visuals

This type of visual effect occurs when your eyes are closed or when your environment is devoid of light. Due to the absence of light, these visual effects do not include alteration of objects. Therefore, closed-eye visuals are usually non-descript and abstract. They could come in form of splashes of speckles, color, or patterns.

If the user is on a heavy dose or in extreme cases, these visuals can form a whole universe with enough clarity that is as clear as that of the normal lucid environment. Examples of closed visual experience include Visual noise, Overriding Physical Perception, Light or dark flashes, patterns that include motion and colors, and the appearance of objects.

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How to Increase the Intensity of Psychedelic Visuals

Every psychedelic understands how important your setting is to a psychedelic trip. Sometimes, this factor acts counter-intuitively, as the more quiet the environment is, the more the hallucination you will experience. An increase in visual and auditory stimulation doesn’t necessarily translate to an increase in the profoundness of the hallucination. Most times, noises detract and distract from a pure and profound psychedelic experience.


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