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Shroom Distillate

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Our shroom distillate comes in 0.7ml syringes which contain 10 grams of concentrated psilocybin extracts.

We recommend taking 0.1ml for each dose to begin orally.

This 0.1ml dose is equivalent to 1.5 grams of magic mushrooms. (Will be filled to the 0.7ml mark on full syringe)


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Shroom Distillate: Concentrated Psilocybin Extracts for Precise Dosing

Introduction: Introducing our remarkable shroom distillate, a concentrated psilocybin extract that offers a potent and precise psychedelic experience. Packaged in convenient 0.7ml syringes, each containing 10 grams of concentrated psilocybin extracts, this product provides a reliable and controlled dosage for your psychedelic journey. In this article, we explore the recommended dosing and the equivalence of our shroom distillate to traditional magic mushrooms, ensuring a safe and enlightening experience.

I. The Power of Shroom Distillate A. Concentrated psilocybin extracts:

Unleashing the full potential of the psychedelic compound B. Reliable dosing: Syringe packaging for precise measurement and administration

II. Recommended Dosing for Shroom Distillate A. Oral administration:

The preferred method for consuming shroom distillate B. Initial dosage recommendation: Starting with 0.1ml per dose C. Equivalent to traditional magic mushrooms: Understanding the potency of 0.1ml dose (1.5 grams)

III. Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Experience A. Responsibly managing dosages:

Starting low and gradually increasing if desired B. Setting and mindset: Creating a comfortable and supportive environment C. Integration and reflection: Incorporating insights gained from the experience


Shroom distillate offers a concentrated form of psilocybin extracts, providing a precise and potent psychedelic experience. With our 0.7ml syringes containing 10 grams of concentrated psilocybin extracts, you can trust in the accuracy of your dosing. Start your journey with a recommended 0.1ml dose, equivalent to 1.5 grams of traditional magic mushrooms, and explore the depths of consciousness with confidence. Remember to approach psychedelic experiences responsibly and embrace the transformative potential they hold. Discover the power of shroom distillate and embark on an extraordinary adventure today.

3 reviews for Shroom Distillate

  1. Michael James

    Had a pretty strong high with phenomenal hallucinations. Hence I just had a great experience the shrooms kicked in quick and the cherry on top was the fast delivery!

  2. Gray

    I find this product to be very useful. It has exceeded my expectations in every way.

  3. Forest

    The efficiency of the processing post-payment is commendable.

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