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What Are Magic Mushrooms

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms aka shrooms, also known as psychedelic mushrooms can help people deal with wide range of physical and psychological conditionals. The main ingredient in mushrooms is psilocybin and it is in more than 200 species of fungus and that causes the psychedelic effects. Effects include enhanced senses, euphoria, increased energy, increased focus, mood enhancement, distortion of reality and much more. This astonishing mushrooms has helped treat addition and depression.

How Does Psilocybin Work

How Does Psilocybin Work?

Psilocybin is a strong hallucinogenic substance that affects the brain’s prefrontal cortex which is part of the brain that regulates abstract thinking, thought analysis, and is the vital aspect for affecting mood and perception. Psilocybin allows the brain to regulate abstract thinking and produce thought analysis and allows you to work faster.

Mushroom Dosage Guide

What Is the Perfect Magic Mushroom Dosage?

Shroom Guide Microdose

Trip Level: Microdose (0.2 to 0.5 gram dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Decreased stress
  • Emotional stability
  • Mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Conversational fluidity
Shroom Guide Magic Mushrooms

Tripe Level 1: On the road to full enlightenment

Mild Dose (0.8 to1 gram dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Increased motivation (e.g. to make positive lifestyle changes)
  • Increased flow states
  • Clearer, more connected thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Increased creativity
Shroom Guide Beginner

Trip Level 2: Beginner’s paradise

Beginner Dose (1 to 1.5 grams dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mood enhancement, mild euphoria or excitement
  • Mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Introspective insights
  • Alleviation of persistent conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD
Shroom Guide Classic Trip

Trip Level 3: Classic Trip Dose (1.5 to 3grams dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Clearer, more connected thinking
  • Enhanced senses
  • Easier meditation
  • Increased enjoyment of physical activity and everyday tasks
  • Preference for introspection over socializing
Shroom Guide Flying With The Stars

Trip Level 4: Flying with the stars

High Dose (3 to 4 grams dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Life-changing introspective or philosophical insights
  • Increased flow of ideas
  • Enhanced appreciation for music, art, etc.
  • Finding otherwise mundane things funny or interesting
Shroom Guide Level 5

Trip Level 5: Experience full ego death

Extreme Dose (4 to 5 grams dried mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mystical experience and intense feelings of wonder
  • Life-changing introspective or philosophical insights
  • Ego death
  • Very strong visuals
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Are Magic Mushrooms Safe?

When it comes to psychoactive substances, Psilocybin is one of the safest out there. It is also considered to be the safest of all recreational drugs on the market, with emergency medical treatment needed five times less for users than for users of LSD, cocaine, and MDMA. Not only are they the safest, they also have no lethal dose, so there is no worry of overdosing.

Overall Harm Score – Global Drug Survey

Alcohol 72+
Cannabis 20+
Magic Mushrooms 6+

Psilocybin Mushroom Trip

The psychoactive effects of a trip take different lengths to begin, typically depending on the way that they are consumed. For instance, many people do not care for the taste of dried magic mushrooms. Many find the taste to be bitter and unenjoyable, whereas others don’t mind at all. Magic Mushrooms can be consumed as dried Shrooms, Shroom Chocolate, Shroom Gummies, Shroom Capsules (Pills), and Shroom Tea.

There are four phases of a mushroom trip; ingestion, onset, the trip, and the comedown. On average, the trip phase begins a couple of hours after the ingestion phase, and is the time when users will experience the strongest shifts in their senses and perceptions.

A Specific Dosage For Specific Trips


.05-.25g refers to a microdose. This is an unnoticeable dose and many users incorporate it into their week for positive benefits without psychedelic effects. Positive benefits of this dose include enhanced energy, creativity, and focus, as well as decreased stress and anxiety.


.25-.75g refers to a minidose. Minidoses could potentially be felt, as they are above the perceptual threshold, however it’s likely they wouldn’t be. A minidose provides a free flowing feeling and enhancement without losing touch of reality.


.5-1.5g refers to a museum dose. This dose makes the effects of the Psilocybin apparent, however they do not give the user a full-blown trip. With this size dose, users can engage in regular, public activities (such as a trip to the museum) without appearing to be having a psychedelic experience and attracting attention.


2-3.5g is a moderate dose. This is when users will have a full psychedelic experience. They will experience hallucinations, as well as distorted time, sensory, and depth perceptions. However, with this size dose, users will still typically have a grasp, though slightly altered, on their surroundings.


5+g refers to a megadose. This dose brings a complete loss of perception of reality. This is the dose that causes intense hallucinations, in depth introspection, and mystical experiences.


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